My experience working Erick Simpson’s MSP Masterclass

Running an MSP has changed radically in the four years since I started Cascade Technologies. When we first started, a reactive approach to IT and security issues was acceptable; however, that is just no longer the case. Protecting SMBs from cybersecurity threats is now the number one responsibility for MSPs. In order to properly do so, it’s important to re-evaluate your entire business approach as well as every security tool currently in use.


Cramer Snuggs, Founder, Cascade Technologies

Last spring, it became apparent that in order for Cascade to continue to scale and grow as an MSP, we needed to expand our security stack. As luck would have it, Acronis, my cybersecurity platform vendor along with the Modern MSP Community paired me up with Erick Simpson to do an accelerated version of his MSP Masterclass program. There are plenty of IT consultants in this world who claim they will change your life. Because of this, I was quite reluctant to begin this journey with Erick. Part of me knew my company was struggling, but the other part of me thought nothing positive or beneficial would come from this opportunity.

Once we met and began working together, it quickly became apparent to me that Erick was going to provide me with two things: accountability and expert knowledge from a veteran of the industry. As someone who wears multiple hats within my organization, it is often easy to pivot from the mission at hand to accomplish other tasks, or what I would call “keeping the boat afloat.” Once Erick and I began our weekly meetings, he would assign tasks to me to have completed by the next meeting. When it came to choosing new tools to add to our technology stack, Erick’s expertise was invaluable.



Erick Simpson, Founder, MSP Mastered® Consulting Services

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It wasn’t until around the fourth meeting with Erick when I remember thinking “the whole game has changed.” First, when I began presenting our new managed security services to existing and former clients, I followed Erick’s advice and emphasized the importance of cybersecurity for their business. With just this simple change in positioning, and the new sales tools Erick provided, I doubled our per-seat cost, and former clients were signing back on with us.

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I could tell that not only had our business structure changed, but my confidence in what we were selling had also changed, and I felt much more passionate during our sales meetings.  I owe that success to the structure Erick delivered, as well as the complete overhaul of our contracts, statements of work, sales proposals, PowerPoints, and a lot more.

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Today, we require all of our clients to operate on our managed security services agreement.  No individual component of these packages is negotiable. In order to do business with Cascade Technologies, our customers must utilize the entire security bundle in order to protect their business and Cascade’s liability. Working with Acronis, Modern MSP, and getting paired up with Erick has been a huge success for Cascade Technologies, which is reflected in our 125% MRR increase in the last six months!

I can’t express what an awesome opportunity it was to work with Erick and see immediate results. Thanks to Modern MSP and Acronis for making this happen. For a deeper dive into the process, Erick and I went through, watch this webinar where Amy Luby, Acronis Chief Channel Evangelist, Erick and I talk live about the experience.

About the Author

Cramer Snuggs is the founder and owner of Cascade Technologies and a member of the Modern MSP Community. You can see Cramer and MSP events all over the country.

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